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Chief Operating Officer for a Digital Marketing Agency

Job Description

Hello, Operation Leaders!

My name is Steven and I am the CEO of My Amazon Guy – a Digital Marketing agency with more than 300 employees and 280 brands managed. We are a  team of seasoned Amazon experts that helps brands like yours optimize their listings to succeed on Seller Central. We’ve created a layered strategy using proven tactics to manage your PPC, SEO, and catalogs — so you can stop worrying about Amazon and start focusing on your business.

We are looking to hire a highly driven Chief Operating Officer who can ensure stability, smooth operations, and systems for the company. Keep ALL trains running on time, and have multiple backup trains in case of derailment. This role is responsible for leading the entire organization to success, with a focus on all departments. This role will essentially cover the entire company, ensuring the successful execution of the founder’s vision. It will also ensure that company growth initiatives are met, identify solutions to where they are not being met, and ensure appropriate staffing is maintained for management of the company and to meet growth goals and initiatives. 

This is a full-time remote position. 

Salary: $60, 000-$70, 000  per year 

Working Hours: EST – flexible

We are looking for a Chief Operating Officer specifically with these requirements:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Has at least 3+ years experience in Operations executive/ leadership positions ( COO, VP Ops, etc.)
  • Has at least 3+ years of experience working in a Digital Marketing agency
  • Has at least 3+ years Amazon or eCommerce experience
  • Has the ability to develop and enhance effective agency operational systems, metrics, and processes
  • Track record of building, leading, and managing operations teams and have delivered high-impact projects in short timelines
  • Must be comfortable dealing with issues ranging from the operational level through to executive strategy, as well as interpersonal challenges
  • Excellent people management skills including resolving conflict, coaching and developing others, promoting teamwork, and performance management.
  • Strong Account  Management skills: defining complete action plans and adjustments, analyzing data for performance and project management improvements, and optimizing project flows.

Your responsibilities will include (but are not limited to):

Management & Leadership  

  • Work collaboratively with other senior leaders and other departments to support their efforts in accomplishing Company goals. 
  • Establish team focus by developing and communicating goals in support of the visions and values of Performance Services.  
  • Develop others by delegating responsibility, providing high-impact performance feedback, and assisting in conflict resolution.  
  • Manage organizational transformation and change by communicating change to the team, problem-solving, and establishing structure.   

Operations Initiative  

  • Support in strategic planning in order to upturn proficiency, productivity, and efficiency of the projects and operations.
  • Manage the development, operations, and financial aspects of the organization’s services. 
  • Direct construction functions and sequences of work to obtain optimum utilization of workforce and meet revenue/realized gross margin projections within budget. 
  • Directly involved in managing job cost analysis on all projects to ensure consistent profitability on all jobs, and to identify and make improvements where needed. 
  • Directly involved in achieving high customer/client satisfaction on all projects from pre-onboarding to offboarding to help achieve company goals.
  • Responsible for maintaining high employee satisfaction with all direct reports, and their people and to assist Operations Managers in reporting to Operations Directors in their employee satisfaction efforts. 
  • Responsible for the execution of the Company’s quarterly, semi-annual, annual, five-year and long-term goals in line with the Company’s Vision, Mission, and Guiding Principles.  
  • Facilitate the review and revisions of the Company’s current Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to more effectively manage the organization’s current construction delivery activities and its projected growth. 
  • Facilitate the smooth and efficient flow of interdepartmental information through all operation husks/departments. 
  • Develop effective processes for project management and operations supervisors/managers to develop and maintain positive relationships with employees

Growth Opportunities/Perks:

  • Flexible work

This Position Is Perfect For You If…

You’re a Great  Leader.Built on integrity and honesty, you build the best teams, and you’re someone the whole team looks up to as a leader & coach. You bring your whole personality to work and are willing to engage on a personal level. You put your whole heart into your work and uplift those around you.

You’re an Analytical and Detailed-Oriented Problem Solver.

You have strong analytical skills and a detailed approach to problem-solving. You have sharp attention to detail and can spot inefficiencies in strategies and find creative solutions based on your analysis and observations.

You’re a Self-Starter.

We’re looking for someone who gets the job done and delivers on time. Ideally, you are self-directed, and self-motivated, and don’t need someone to look over your shoulder or hold your hand. You have the ability to motivate yourself and be part of a motivated team in a positive way to get results.

What we do:

Please check us out to get an understanding of the service you’ll deliver:

Our hiring process is made up of four parts, so please be aware that you will need to dedicate time to a questionnaire, a  Culture Index Applicant Survey, a video, and two 1-on-1 interviews.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this position. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Job Summary

Philippines Hiring from
Operations Category
Full Time Job Type
Salary $60,000-$70,000/year
My Amazon Guy

My Amazon Guy

Over the last nine years, we've steadily calibrated and perfected our product, ensuring we can actually (well, metaphorically) move mountains and get incredible SEO results for our clients.

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