CGK Unlimited

Supply Chain Manager For an Ecommerce Brand

Job Description

Hello, Supply Chain Managers!

My name is Chris and I am the CEO at CGK Unlimited – We are an 8 figure ecommerce company dedicated to selling high quality bedding products. We’ve got a huge presence on Amazon  and we’re now growing off the platform just as quickly!

We are looking to hire a motivated Supply Chain Manager who can be responsible for all supply chain management and logistics duties including booking and shipping methods, and the overall 3PL processes. This candidate should have in-depth knowledge of logistics and inventory systems as well as have strong attention to detail and organization skills.

This is a full-time remote position.

We are looking for a Supply Chain Manager specifically with these requirements:

  • 3+ years as a Supply Chain Manager or similar type role with a direct-to-consumer brand or Amazon FBA
  • Has at least 2+ years working in the Amazon or Ecommerce industry
  • Has experienced handling a > 1M worth of shipments
  • Has experience creating and improving systems and SOPs
  • Experience in eCommerce logistics working in an entrepreneurial/startup environment 
  • Experience in monitoring and maintaining logistics and supply chain inventory and records  
  • Has experience in implementing an automated system for tracking inventory across multiple locations and channels
  • Ability to respond to messages (with discretion as needed) outside of stated working hours (i.e  communicating with our suppliers in China on WeChat)
  • Expertise with google sheets/excel required

Your responsibility will include (but not limited to):

  • Handling shipments mostly from China but also India, Pakistan, and our US warehouses. Also, shipping from China to our 3PL’s in CA
  • Determining what to ship for our 1500 sku’s. Figuring out how to navigate stuff that was sold out, seasons etc.
  • Determining our internal sales at Amazon so we know how much to ship each week to Amazon
  • Launching new product variations and managing quality control of  goods in production
  • Maintaining document library – testing, certifications, invoices, etc.
  • Executing the day-to-day, booking shipments, managing inventory, etc.
  • Be on top of product details – HS Codes for customs, packaging dimensions, SKU codes (vary by market), packaging supplies, creating restock orders with manufactures, product refurbishment at the 3PLs
  • Analyzing data from shipping and delivering processes to find bottlenecks and provide solutions to these issues 
  • Communicating and negotiating with suppliers and vendors to land more profitable deals

Growth Opportunities/Perks:

  • Location independent/fully remote role.
  • Be part of a team who has a lot of freedom for people to be left to their own devices and perform great work.
  • Potential growth to a higher position  level.
  • Potential to grow a team.

This Position Is Perfect For You If…

You’re Highly Organized and Detail-Oriented.

You are organized enough to make sure that you’re on top of your own goals and responsibilities. You also have the ability to pay attention to the smallest details in forming the big picture of the project.

You are Self-motivated.

You are someone who gets the job done and delivers on time. Ideally, you are self-directed, self-motivated, and don’t need someone to look over your shoulder or hold your hand. 


You’re a Resourceful Problem Solver.

You understand how to leverage the necessary tools and resources at hand to come up with new or creative solutions. 

What we do:

Please check us out to get an understanding of our product:

Our hiring process is made up of four parts, so please be aware that you will need to dedicate time for a questionnaire, a video, and two 1-on-1 interviews.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this position. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Job Summary

wave-1-bottom Website
Europe, Latin America, North America, South Africa Hiring from
Operations Category
Full Time Job Type
Salary $50,000 - $150,000 / year
CGK Unlimited

CGK Unlimited

CGK Unlimited - We are an 8 figure ecommerce company dedicated to selling high quality bedding products. We've got a huge presence on Amazon and we're now growing off the platform just as quickly!

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