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Hello, Accounting Leaders!

My name is Mike and I am the COO at eJam – Founded in 2018 by Giancarlo Maniaci and Paul Kraus, eJam is a direct-to-consumer brand incubator; focused on creating brands that people love.

eJam has created multiple consumer brands – four of which have had successful exits to private equity. We take a unique approach to each brand and every product, ensuring that we are fulfilling a real need while helping to shift the status quo.

eJam, Inc. is seeking a Director of Accounting to lead our accounting operations within the dynamic environment of omnichannel consumer products, ensuring all financial reporting adheres to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). This vital role involves managing an accounting team and overseeing functions such as general accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll & compensation, internal audit, and cost accounting. The Director will play a pivotal role in scaling the department by adding specialized roles and enhancing internal controls to support our operational growth and efficiency across multiple sales channels.

This role is a full-time position.

We are looking for a Director of Accounting specifically with these requirements:

  • Excellent English written and verbal communication skills.
  • CPA certification or equivalent is highly preferred.
  • Minimum of 5 years of accounting experience, with at least 2 years in a managerial or director-level role within a mid to large-sized omnichannel consumer products company.
  • Big Firm audit and/or consulting experience at EY, PWC, KPMG, Deloitte, or Accenture working with clients whose businesses had physical inventory.
  • Strong experience with GAAP and a proven track record of managing comprehensive accounting functions in a dynamic, omnichannel environment.
  • Excellent leadership skills with experience in managing diverse teams and developing accounting professionals.
  • Deep knowledge of accounting regulations and practices, with a strong focus on compliance and accuracy.

Your responsibilities will include (but are not limited to):

  • Team Leadership and Management: Lead and develop a multi-disciplinary accounting team, ensuring effective performance and professional growth.
  • Ensure Compliance and Accuracy: Oversee all accounting operations to ensure compliance with GAAP and other applicable laws and regulations; maintain accuracy in financial reports.
  • Manage Key Accounting Functions: Direct the operations of general accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, internal audit, and cost accounting tailored to the needs of an omnichannel business model.
  • Strategic Financial Oversight: Provide strategic oversight for financial processes, improving systems and controls to handle scaling operations across various consumer channels.
  • Facilitate Key Financial Meetings: Lead monthly financial reviews and quarterly compliance meetings, reporting directly to the CFO and other stakeholders.

Growth Opportunities/Perks:

  • Fully remote opportunity.
  • 2 weeks PTO Vacation Days and Sick Leave and paid holidays. 
  • Opportunity to graduate into a VP or Chief Accounting Officer.

This Position Is Perfect For You If…

You’re an Excellent Communicator.

You possess excellent interpersonal, written, and verbal skills, you can simply articulate complex topics, ensuring clear communication and alignment of all stakeholders toward a common goal.

You’re a Detailed-Oriented Problem Solver.

You possess strong analytical skills and a meticulous approach to problem-solving. With keen attention to detail, you can identify inefficiencies in strategies and develop creative solutions based on your analysis and observation.

You’re Analytical and Strategic.

You excel at leveraging data-driven insights to inform financial decisions and drive organizational growth. You develop and implement comprehensive accounting strategies, ensuring accuracy in financial reporting, and optimizing fiscal performance to support the company’s long-term objectives.

What we do:

Please check us out to get an understanding of the service you’ll deliver:

Our hiring process is made up of five parts, so please be aware that you will need to dedicate time for a questionnaire, a video,  two 1-on-1 interviews, and a small test project.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this position. I look forward to hearing from you soon!




Ejam is a performance-based online advertising and marketing leader. Our approach combines decades of Online Marketing experience with the technical know-how to market products at scale. We are located in sunny Newport Beach and consist of energetic team members ready to make the next move in online marketing.

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