Job Description

Hello, Executive Assistants!

My name is Steve and I am the Owner of Anchored Tiny Homes – We help homeowners across the nation earn more money, bring families closer together, and create more space to thrive with our high-quality, affordable custom-built ADUs based on 30 years of industry experience.

We are looking to hire a motivated Executive Assistant who can provide administrative support by managing schedules, coordinating meetings, and handling customer inquiries to ensure smooth daily operations. You will assist with marketing tasks, such as social media management and content creation, to promote the company’s services. Additionally, you will also maintain organized records, prepare reports, and support the team with various project tasks to facilitate the efficient delivery of ADU housing solutions.

This is a full-time remote position.


We are looking for an Executive Assistant specifically with these requirements:

  • Excellent verbal and written English communication skills.
  • Minimum of 3+ years of experience as an Executive Assistant or in a similar administrative role, preferably within the ADU or housing industry.
  • Familiarity with relevant software and tools for invoicing, email marketing, social media, and calendar management.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and Google Workspace (Docs, Sheets, Calendar).
  • Excellent project management skills and the ability to multitask.
  • Tech savvy – computer literate and comfortable working completely virtually.
  • Comfortable working in US business hours.


Your responsibilities will include (but are not limited to):

  • Assist with the creation and management of invoices, ensuring accuracy and timely delivery to clients.
  • Handle billing inquiries and resolve discrepancies to maintain accurate financial records.
  • Assist with various marketing tasks, including email marketing campaigns, social media management, and content creation.
  • Manage and update personal calendars, coordinate schedules, and ensure timely communication of marketing activities.
  • Handle incoming phone calls, provide information to potential clients, and route calls to the appropriate department as needed.
  • Engage with potential clients over the phone, providing information about services and addressing inquiries with a high level of professionalism.
  • Assist the executives with personal tasks, such as booking flights and arranging travel accommodations.


Growth Opportunities/Perks:

  • Completely remote.
  • Potential to grow a team and move into a leadership role.
  • Consistent support from team members. We pride ourselves on working WITH each other and giving as much support as is asked.


This Position Is Perfect For You If…

You have a Learning and Growth Mindset.

You are dedicated to continuous personal and professional development, constantly seeking new knowledge and skills to enhance your performance. You have a proactive approach that ensures you stay adaptable and innovative, consistently bringing fresh insights and efficiencies to your role.

You’re an Excellent Communicator.

You possess exceptional verbal and written communication skills, enabling you to effectively interact with clients, manage inquiries, and provide comprehensive administrative support with a high level of professionalism.

You’re Organized and Detail Oriented.

You have a proven track record of efficiently managing administrative tasks, ensuring accuracy, and maintaining seamless operations. You are skilled in handling billing, marketing, client communications, and personal assistance with a high level of professionalism and proficiency.


What we do:

Please check us out to get an understanding of our company and the service we deliver:

Our hiring process is made up of five parts, so please be aware that you will need to dedicate time for a questionnaire, a video, two 1-on-1 interviews, and a small test project.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this position. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Anchored Tiny Homes

Anchored Tiny Homes

We help homeowners across the nation earn more money, bring families closer together, and create more space to thrive with our high-quality, affordable custom-built ADUs based on 30 years of industry experience.

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